Unerasure (working title)       Set of screenprints & silver gelatin prints / 2020-ongoing

Installation view at Haus 4 (Art School Alliance HFBK), Karolinenstrasse 2a, Hamburg. Feb 2021. 

“Unerasure” (working title) is an ongoing series currently comprising 8 sets of screen prints and silver gelatin prints. Following the completion of “Break Now the Dawn” in late 2019, “Unerasure” marks a shift in Lam’s interest in the abstractions in nature (the dawn) to abstractions of language, as “Unerasure” sprouted from Lam’s ongoing photographic archive of erased graffiti in the streets of Hong Kong since the 2019 pro-democracy protests.


Erased graffiti is a material realisation of power as voices are silenced, language is broken down with its meanings stripped off visually. The political undercurrent in Lam’s practice has become starker and begins to speak more directly to censorship, resistance, and the politics of voice. The prints are the result of an ongoing experimentation on printmaking as a process of erasure and self-destruction. Lam explores a language in her work that is beyond representation— an abstracted form of language reaching toward action itself. The current printing method allows only the the subtle outline of the form to be visible due to the thickness of the ink. The seemingly redundant, simultaneous gestures of revelation and concealment could also be an act of resistance that “unerases”. Oscillating between delicacy and violence, “Unerasure” questions: what constitutes language and violence? Must violence be visible? What does history look like?

Selection of prints from 2021 

Dec1.1 lighter v.png

#7.1 (Lung Cheung Road, Lung Cheung Plaza Car Park)

Screenprint on paper

70x90 cm


Detail of #7.1 (Lung Cheung Road, Lung Cheung Plaza Car Park)


Selected prints from 2020 

#6.1 (Pui Shing Garden)

Screenprint on paper

57x34 cm

#5.1 (38 Pui Shing Road)

Screenprint on paper



#2.1  (Hennessy Road)

Silver gelatin print on paper



#2.2 (Hennessy Road)

Silver gelatin print on paper



#2.3  (Hennessy Road)

Silver gelatin print on paper