Lam’s practice centres around the photographic concern of light and time, presence and absence; through prints and installation she explores the meaning of these large and broad notions in specific terms of place and identity. She is concerned with the abstractions in language and the natural world. Drawing on photographic images of personal and often political significance, such as the dawn and erased graffiti, she is deeply invested in producing forms that question the possibility to unravel and break down the language behind an image in order to reconfigure ways in which we produce and assimilate images. Censorship, resistance and the politics of voice are also imperative to her artistic endeavour. Her ongoing project “Unerasure” references erased graffiti seen on the streets of Hong Kong since the year long pro-democracy protest began; it explores printmaking as a process of erasure and self-destruction. Running in parallel with the spirit of graffiti - rebellious, urging to speak out, defying permanence - she believes the urgency of her work lends itself to a language beyond representation and depiction, but rather reaches towards action itself.